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There are two sets of fora (forums). Every registered user can see and use the public forum. Only qualified claimants' representatives, attorneys (and one other) may see and use the private forum.

Who can use the public forum? Everybody can use the public forum. New users will be able to create a new account. If they are not spammers, they will be given access to the public forum. 


If you would like to register as an attorney or attorney-representative to see the entire site, you can do so by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the information described after the "Read More" break below.  Instead of your letterhead, you can use a link to a website that was created before December 1, 2012. I should be able to find you on that website. 


Who can use the private forum? Only those who are in private practice, or working at a university or law school, and not employed by the Social Security Administration or a federal agency, may access the private forum. Yes, legal aid and other non-profit folks can use the forum. Not sure, can't tell? Don't know if you qualify? Just send a letter and we will sort it out. It's likely that you will be allowed in if you are representing claimants and not working for DDS, SSA, the Department of Justice, or the like.


How do I get an account?



Public Forum: Anybody can create an account to use the public forum. Use the Login Form at the top of the home page. After you are verified to be a real human being and not a robot, you will be granted access to the public forum.


Private Forum: It is easy to reactivate an existing account, or to start a new account that gives access to the private forum. Just send a request to me on your firm letterhead requesting a private account. You must include the following:


I attest that that I am a lawyer or a non-attorney representative who represents Social Security disability claimants and that I am not employed by the government.  I also attest that I will not divulge any information obtained from the Connect forum without the permission of the original poster.”


Also include your e-mail address and the login name that you would like to use to sign into Connect. If you had an old Connect account and wish to use it, please include your old user name or the e-mail address used. You don't need to send any passwords.


Wait a few days for post office delivery and processing, and then use the “Forgot your password” link, and or "Forgot your user name" link, enter the e-mail address that is registered here, and your password will be sent to that e-mail address.



Here is where to send your letter:


David Traver

Traver & Traver, S.C
P.O. Box 190
Denmark, WI 54208


Questions? Call me at 262-594-2096.