The Wilborn MethodThis looks like an interesting and helpful new book from Attorneys Ralph, Tim, and Etta Wlborn:

The Wilborn Method is a how-to manual for (non-blind) disabled adult claimants who are applying for Social Security Disability or SSI disability benefits and whose claims are at the initial application level. In a recent study, it was revealed that approximately six of every ten disability applications were denied at the initial level. Even worse, of those denied claims, only about one in four ever was won on appeal. In other words, if you don't win at the initial level, there's only about a one in four chance that you ever will! What claimants need to know before filing an application is that most of what you do at the initial application stage is answer questions on Social Security's forms. Unassisted and virtually blindfolded, many applicants answer Social Security's questions incorrectly, inadequately, incompletely, or inappropriately, all too often leading to an undeserved denial. By applying the techniques outlined in The Wilborn Method for responding to each question on Social Security’s four major forms, you can maximize your chances of winning the first time, at the initial application level, when your chances of winning are greatest. This how-to manual takes a question-by-question approach to Social Security’s four major forms (plus the one major form typically completed by a witness). Most disability applicants don't understand the disability process or the rules for proving they're disabled. The process of proving they're disabled is a mystery. If you're like them, you don't understand the process or the rules either, and you don't know how important it is to be able to answer these three questions: 1) Why is Social Security asking these specific questions? 2) How will Social Security use the answers to these questions? and 3) How much detail does Social Security need? The Wilborn Method removes the mystery by explaining the process and the rules. We guide you through Social Security’s four initial forms, question by question. We show you how to present your disability claim so that you give a complete and accurate picture of your impairments and limitations. Some of Social Security's questions are straightforward. Others aren't. For those that aren't, we explain why Social Security is asking the question, how they will use the information you give, and how much detail they need. We explain how to answer each question to maximize the chances of having your application approved at the earliest possible stage.

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