4-ways-of-coverage-graphic-wholeYesterday I created an account at https://www.healthcare.gov/ It told me my daughter's first name did not match her SSN (true), told me how to fix it (correctly), checked my address and corrected it, verified who I am by asking questions that only I'd know, took our entire family's information, calculated our eligibility for tax supports (we don't qualify) interfaced with the four insurance companies serving our county, told me correctly the policy prices and options from 93 plans (yes, 93 plans), and showed me  plans that save us up to $6,000 a year (in comparison to our 2011 costs)  with better coverage than I could ever buy before.

Everything worked perfectly. This is the federal site for Wisconsin, not a smaller state site like California or New York.

Now we are going to sit down this weekend, pick the plan that fits our family best, and buy it, using that site.