Some kinds of disability fraud happen every day.  For example:


On the other hand, some kinds of alleged disability fraud take on special significance:





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by David F. Traver

79 pages

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"WASHINGTON—The Social Security Administration, smarting from recent scandals, this weekend is set to tighten its grip on 1,500 administrative law judges to ensure that disability benefits are awarded consistently and to rein in fraud in the program.

The agency is rewriting the job descriptions of its judicial corps, allowing officials more latitude to crack down on judges who are awarding disability benefits outside the norm.

Many judges have operated as if they were independent of the agency and awarded or denied benefits based on their own judgments. A few weeks ago, the SSA notified the judges of the changes.

The job descriptions will no longer include the words "complete individual independence," and will also clarify that the judges are "subject to the supervision and management" of other agency officials, according to a draft reviewed by The Wall Street Journal."

Government Pulls in Reins On Disability Judges -

Is your ALJ an "outlier" that will deny or pay your case?  Check the data here.




When we applied for health insurance under ObamaCare the website told us that we had not changed Nellie's name on her SSN after the adoption.  We could still sign up for insurance, which we did. But we had until February 14, 2014 to fix the problem or Nellie would lose coverage.  We went to the SSA office and easily made the correction. So this morning, I went to and uploaded her passport and new Social Security card. It was fast and easy, to use the site to compare plans and buy insurance, and the document upload was flawless.

We are all signed up and we paid our first month's premium using I'm a happy customer of Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative in S.E. Wisconsin.  Have you signed up?

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