Social Security Ruling, SSR 16–1p: Titles II And XVI: Fraud and Similar Fault Redeterminations Under Sections 205(u) And 1631(e)(7) of the Social Security Act

"This ruling [16-1p] describes the process we use when we redetermine an individual’s entitlement or eligibility to receive benefits when there is reason to believe that fraud or similar fault was involved in that individual’s application for benefits. This ruling applies to all final determinations or decisions on entitlement or eligibility to receive benefits under title II and title XVI of the Act. This ruling does not replace or limit other appropriate standards and criteria for evaluation of claims."

Social Security Ruling, SSR 16–2p; Titles II and XVI: Evaluation of Claims Involving Similar Fault in the Providing of Evidence

"This Ruling [16-2p] supersedes and replaces previously published SSR 00–2p. It provides the definition of fraud, and clarifies the definitions of knowingly and preponderance of the evidence. The Ruling also clarifies that we may find that any individual or entity has committed fraud or similar fault, and that we may disregard evidence submitted by any individual or entity that we find has committed fraud or similar fault. In addition, the Ruling provides examples of such individuals and entities." (emphasis added.)