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If you or someone you care for is disabled and unable to work, you may have some idea how complicated the Social Security Disability system can be to navigate. The system is not only complicated but is constantly changing and evolving. New laws, regulations, and court decisions are constantly shaping the landscape of Social Security disability benefits which means you need to stay informed. Changes in the system can affect you or the people you care about.

That’s why we’re here

At SSA Connect, it is our goal to help you better understand the Social Security Disability system. It is a fast-changing world and the SSDI laws and regulations are no exception, which is why we will keep you up to date with the latest changes or proposed changes in SSDI law. As developments in the world of disability benefits occur we are here to let you know what changes are occurring and how they may affect you or a loved one. And while we want to keep you up to date on the latest changes in disability law, we also want to be a resource for existing disability benefits information that may be relevant to you.

Latest Laws, Cases, and Regulatory Changes

Recent Court Decisions:

Schink v. Commissioner of Social Security

  • Bipolar disorder recognized as a mental disability for purpose of disability benefits based on severity; significant impairments with the ability to interact with others can impede and individuals ability to work; significant weight should be given to medical professionals treating SSDI applicants unless proof is shown otherwise. Continue Reading.

Recent Regulatory Changes:

Social Security Ruling, SSR 19-4p; Titles II and XVI: Evaluating Cases Involving Primary Headache Disorders

Recent Articles and Reports:

"Encouraging Work" in the SSDI Program

  • Social Security's return-to-work efforts are simply failing do their job of helping our fellow citizens find work. Continue Reading.

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